Production of gaskets, die-cut and cut parts
Products primarily for the automotive, construction and electronics industries
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Company philosophy

ISOBAST with their products and service consistently focuses on improving your business success. Products of automotive and construction industries.

Also other sectors of ISOBAST products shall not be forgotten. These are as follows:

  • Die-cut and slit flat components
  • Cut components
  • Cast components made of cold PUR foam
  • Sealing tapes
  • Insulating hoses
  • Car interior components
  • Application and sale of adhesives

An integral part of the services offered is the sale of materials:

  • Foamed PE, PUR, PP, PVC
  • Foamed rubber with semi-closed and closed cell
  • Technical woven and nonwoven fabrics
  • Ceramic fabrics
  • Adhesives with or without a carrier, which can be supplied in rolls or sheets

However, the list of materials and products is not complete. Contact us for more detailed information.


Thanks to our experience in various industry segments with individual requirements we created a unique range of knowledge. Benefit from our know-how in various fields, which will provide each of your products with a user-friendly installation, characteristics corresponding to the requirements, and permanent confidence.


Our certified quality management system demonstrates awareness of quality in the company ISOBAST.


ISOBAST thinks along with you and flexibly deals with your problems. Informed analysis and defining your requirements is accompanied with reliable communication in consulting, sales and deliveries. In doing so, you use direct professional competence of our staff.


We are a company that is aware of its commitment to the environment and therefore in 2004 we were successfully certified according to the standard ČSN EN ISO 14001:1997.
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