For maximum use of solar energy

Solar energy

Self-adhesive mounting strips and insulation tailored to the solar system. We develop individually tailored sealing pads and self-adhesive sealing strips for solar mounting systems. When selecting materials, we pay particular attention to good environmental compatibility, but also to excellent weather resistance and reliable and permanent sealing of your systems.


Individual solutions such as damping and mounting foam strips for solar systems.

Sealing strips made of lightweight rubber with self-adhesive coating suitable for your solar mounting systems. We offer individual dimensions - tailored to the optimal processing for your solution. As well as foam solutions for ventilation systems. Individual molded parts for valves and control systems.

Solutions for solar systems

Our valve insulation has proven itself for thermal insulation of valves and control systems in the solar industry. We also offer special solutions for high temperatures - so the energy generated can be used efficiently. Our stable PE pads with residue-free, removable adhesive are also often used for the safe transport of solar modules