Production technology

Since the company's inception, we have continuously invested in new manufacturing processes and improved existing processes to offer the widest range of material processing options that benefit our customers. When developing solutions, our engineers assess the appropriate materials in line with the way they are processed to achieve the desired result.

at our disposal are:

  • Splitting of foam materials
  • Laminating materials (various types)
  • Application of adhesives (full, strip, partial)
  • Die-cutting (wide range according to dimensions and materials)
  • Kiss-Cutting
  • Waterjet cutting
  • Milling and drilling
  • Hot forming
  • Casting of PUR foams into moulds
  • Assembly and completion

What we can help you with

Thanks to the wide range of production technologies and materials we process, we are able to advise you and offer a wide range of solutions, including
for special requirements:

  • any application to all economic sectors
  • use at temperatures from -40 to +200°C
  • special environmental requirements for storage and application conditions (special temperature, humidity, UV radiation,...)
  • requirements for different application surfaces
  • requirements for the different adhesives required (hot melt adhesives on different bases, adhesive systems, etc.)
  • requirements for different types of adhesive carrier
  • requirements for different reactivation options (heat, humidity, UV....)
  • requirements for different adhesion properties according to application needs
  • different requirements according to standards and other regulations
  • individual solutions to optimize the customer's production processes

Use our knowledge to develop your product and get a better solution.
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