Processed materials

In more than 25 years of existence, we have developed into specialists in the processing of a wide range of technical foams and materials. Thanks to our expert knowledge of the functions and advantages or disadvantages of different materials, we can advise our clients optimally when developing new products. This knowledge and experience is the basis for solving complex customer requirements. The materials we commonly process are:

  • Rubber (EPDM, CR, SBR, NBR, silicone, ….., blends)
  • EVA cross-linked
  • PE cross-linked and non-cross-linked
  • PP non-crosslinked
  • PET non-crosslinked
  • PA-6 (polyamide)
  • PUR foams (ether, ester, microcellular, filter)
  • PVC
  • Melamine
  • Rubber (EPDM, CR, SBR, NBR, silicone, …, blends)
  • PVC
  • PUR
  • Artificial fibers (PES, PET, PP, PAN , blends)
  • Natural (cotton, flax, hemp, blends)
  • mixtures of man-made and natural fibers
  • ceramic (up to +1260 °C)
  • glass fiber fleeces, grids (+650 to +1000 °C)
  • Powdered (e.g. EVA)
  • Fusible (Hot-Melt)
  • Pressure sensitive (acrylic /pure or modified/, rubber, butyl, silicone, combinations)

However, the list of materials and products is not exhaustive and please contact us for more information.

We always have basic raw materials in stock.

If the materials you are looking for are not listed above, please contact our sales representative who will be happy to answer your questions.