Sound insulation

Noise dampening thanks to noiseless sanitary equipment

Noise insulation plays a vital role in HVAC - there are high expectations for quietness and peace in living and working spaces. Noiseless operation of the heating system, sanitary facilities and ventilation system is an essential quality element of the building. Even high quality requirements can be met with us. All water pipes can be quickly and efficiently insulated with fleece insulation hoses and wrapping tapes from the iso [fit] range. Insulating the entire piping system significantly reduces structure-borne noise and dampens noise from process piping.


High quality sonic [fit] damping program to reduce sound transmission from the bathroom.

The kits are characterized by high compressive hardness, acid resistance and silicone compatibility. The acoustic insulation kit is complemented by matching damping sleeves, damping rings and washers. We also have a better solution for more cost-effective storage in retail. Ask about our Xin1-sonic soundproofing kits [fit].

Sonic [fit] - mounting tapes and sound insulation kits

Whether it's a washbasin, toilet or bidet - optimised acoustic insulation solutions are always required in sanitary technology. Our sonic [fit] product range is the answer to innovation. The versatile acoustic insulation kits made of high-quality polyethylene foam compensate for unevenness and reduce the sound level that is otherwise transmitted between ceramic and wall by up to 8 dB (A), which corresponds to an incredible sound insulation of 80%.