Passenger compartment insulation
as a sign of quality

Our customers appreciate not only our smart product solutions, but also our creative ideas for efficient processing. We ensure that our products can be optimally applied or assembled. In cooperation with our engineers, a unique concept is created with careful planning to facilitate our customers' production processes.

We therefore provide, for example, our foam parts with a partially self-adhesive layer on request so that they can be easily and at the same time precisely applied. The foil can include your company logo or a special adhesive can be used that safely adheres even to oily surfaces. Perforated and
molded parts made of rubber (EPDM), polyethylene (PE) or polyurethane (PUR) are supplied precisely fitting and ready for assembly
and can therefore be processed without intermediate steps.

Tailor-made insulation

easy to assemble

We also ensure optimal functionality during the installation of our products: These are supplied according to the requirements for efficient assembly with respect to the environment and the optimization of the customer's production processes.

Good interior insulation is a key sign of quality. With tailor-made solutions, ambient and motor noise are specifically isolated and internal parts are permanently installed without vibration.


Damping and sealing elements between the passenger compartment and the engine compartment


Sealing and insulating dashboards, controls and levers to prevent rattling and creaking


Sealing and damping components for ventilation and air conditioning systems made of low-emission polyurethane foams


Door upholstery and insulation for thermal and sound insulation


Upholstery and covers for armrests and consoles

Our products for door panels are used not only for insulation, but also for the required acoustic design.

Meet optical, tactile
​​​​​​​and acoustic demands

Nowadays, the quality of a vehicle is largely measured in terms of tightness, quietness and interior comfort. In addition to reliable insulation and sealing, interior design is also about the look, feel and acoustics of the passenger compartment. Even high customer requirements can be easily met with our tailor-made solutions. Engine and ambient noise is eliminated and vibrations are minimised, while comfortable upholstery further enhances the overall impression.