Engineering construction

Saves time by insulating joints

Efficient management means optimal use of resources. High-quality and durable materials ensure a long service life and reduced maintenance costs. Optimally developed and precisely fitting seals made of high-quality materials save time and money. With our special solutions for civil engineering, for example, you can count on enormous time savings in the construction of petrol stations.

Terracell to protect against thermal expansion

As a result of expansion through temperature fluctuations, there is a displacement of the piping in underground piping systems, which must be compensated by expansion pads. Terracell expansion pads have been specifically developed for use on district heating ducts and have been successfully used for over 20 years. With Terracell you get the right solution for every application.

Meeting safety regulations in petrol station construction with ISOBAST foams

Our joint sealing solutions can be found in petrol stations, airports, road surfaces and sewers. Here too, it is important to develop individual insulation together to achieve the ideal result - also in the long term - and to meet all safety aspects. Our solutions for the construction of petrol station systems have been tried and tested for many years and are constantly being optimised.