Sealing and damping in electrical engineering 

Polyethylene, rubber or polyurethane for switchboards construction

Switchboards require safe insulation that protects people and the switchgear from electric shock and overheating. In addition, a reliable seal is needed to protect the switchboard from moisture. The key is to insulate the enclosure adequately. Our UL 50-certified foams are suitable for enclosure construction and air conditioning. We use high-quality polyethylene, rubber and polyurethane to develop solutions that meet all safety aspects. For example, for the electrical industry we supply self-adhesive sealing tapes, stop bumpers and cable gland insulation that meet the high requirements of UL 94 and UL 50. Our experience allows us to develop innovative solutions for insulation, damping and sealing (not only for doors).

Reliable security solutions for technology

Switchboards are best equipped with electrical solutions from ISOBAST. Our foams are suitable for the construction and air conditioning of switchboards of all sizes. Not sure how your foam should be sized or which material is best suited for your application? We will be happy to work with you to find or recommend a suitable solution.