Sealing and damping not only for switchboards

Construction of cabinets and switchboards

For the construction of technological enclosures, we design individual soundproofing and sealing elements to protect against moisture and other weather influences. Our products made of technical foams are required for hazardous waste containers, tool cabinets or servers and switchboards, among others. Our system solutions protect remote controls from water intrusion, bicycle shock absorbers from clogging, and the use of foams in mobile phone cases prevents damage from drops and allows devices to be used in a variety of weather conditions. Our applications are also used in switchboards and junction boxes.

Sealing elements for enclosures and packaging

We implement a wide range of applications, which is continuously expanded by the demands and projects of our customers. Thanks to individual production there are no restrictions for the use of our products. ISOBAST is the right partner for supporting the design of enclosures and housings.


Dust and splash proof seals for enclosure construction for wiring harnesses and accessories according to current fire protection standards.


Make electrical equipment more efficient with high quality, shrink-free foam solutions.


Acoustic and thermal insulation or filters for air conditioning and ventilation made of qualified foam materials.