Building and construction

Sound dampening with technical foams

New, optimized solutions for sealing, damping and insulation are constantly required in the construction industry. Our system solutions are used wherever joints need to be filled or two elements need to be separated where metal meets other materials. Or where heat or cold needs to be isolated. For all these cases we offer you a better solution with our specially adapted products

Noise and vibration damping, thermal insulation

ISOBAST's damping and insulation products and solutions are used in a variety of applications. From nail sealing strips in the roof to thermal insulation of the facade to individual joint profiles for window construction - ISOBAST is happy to support you with its expertise. But also when it comes to interior construction and technical building equipment, sealing, insulation and technical foam insulation are indispensable. With customised ISOWA connection profiles, optimum results are also achieved in road construction, bridges, concrete structures and the sealing of petrol station systems.