Building technology

Solar energy

Self-adhesive mounting strips and insulation tailored to the solar system. We develop individually tailored sealing pads and self-adhesive sealing strips for solar mounting systems.

Noise damping

Noise insulation plays a vital role in HVAC - there are high expectations for quietness and peace in living and working spaces. Noiseless operation of the heating system, sanitary facilities and ventilation system is an essential quality element of the building. With us, even high quality requirements can be met.

Insulate pipework and valves

We offer extremely durable and highly efficient solutions for fittings and piping. The greatest heat loss usually occurs directly at the valve.

Building technology

Reliable seals, acoustic and thermal insulation

Pipes, valves, sanitary or solar systems - many areas of building technology require acoustic and thermal insulation solutions, whether for safety reasons, to modernize a building or to reduce energy consumption. In order to always offer better solutions in this field, we offer our customers product lines for Building Technology: vela [clip], iso [fit] and sonic [fit].

Thanks to them, ISOBAST offers a solution that takes sealing and insulation in the construction industry to a whole new level. The universal insulation of the vela [clip] valve series reliably prevents heat loss from the valves. With the high-quality insulation hoses of the iso [fit] series in various designs, water pipes are completely protected and also insulated in the long term. Innovative sonic [fit] sound insulation kits ensure quiet operation of the sanitary technology and increase the quality of life in the building and thus its value in the long term.