Efficient air conditioning and ventilation

Technical foams in air conditioning

We develop and cooperate on the development of individually tailored seals, damping and insulation for air conditioning and air handling systems. We work with non-combustible materials according to DIN 4102, DIN 5510, EN 13501 and UL 94. We supply ideal insulation against condensation, customized insulated ductwork or insulation for defined ductwork. For sealing and insulation, we recommend ELAFIT, which enables particularly suitable sealing of air ducts.

Air conditioning and ventilation system without energy losses

We have many years of experience in the development of seals and insulation for air conditioning. We use this to find the best solutions for our customers' air conditioning and ventilation systems. Our foam elements make your products more efficient, safer and more durable, giving you a competitive advantage. Of course, the materials are fire-resistant. Molded and formed parts are individually manufactured and delivered to meet the needs of your optimized production process.

  • Foam solutions for air conditioners and systems with special acoustic properties
  • We offer special vibration-reducing foam solutions for ventilation systems
  • We work with non-combustible materials according to DIN 4102, EN 13501 and UL 94

Isolate noise and temperatures safely.

Industrial ventilation solutions are complex systems that require complex insulation solutions. With over 20 years of experience in technical foam solutions, we know what's important and what to look for. We can advise you on all safety requirements regarding insulation of ventilation systems.