Insulate pipework and valves

Tailor-made solutions for energy savings

Pipes, valves, sanitary or solar systems - many areas of building technology require tailor-made solutions for acoustic and thermal insulation, whether for safety reasons, to modernize a building or to increase energy efficiency. To ensure that we can always offer the best solutions to our customers in this sector, we are never satisfied with the next best solution.


Universal sealing covers for optimal valve insulation

We offer extremely durable and highly efficient solutions for fittings and piping.

The greatest heat loss usually occurs directly at the valve - eliminate losses with vela [clip].

These specially developed valve insulations made of cross-linked polyethylene reduce energy losses at the valve to a minimum, so significant savings can be achieved.


Universal isolation valve vela [clip] for all fittings in accordance with energy saving requirements.


iso [fit] is an extensive programme - fleece hoses and wrapping strips dampen noise and cracking in the ducts, as well as reducing noise transmitted through the ducts further.​​​​​​​

vela [clip] are diffusion resistant and have a robust scratch resistant surface. The biggest advantage is that they are universal.

This means that there is no valve that the vela [clip] cannot isolate with a perfect connection.

It pays to rely on quality: thanks to the durability and efficiency of vela [clip] and iso[fit] products for building services, the investment pays off in a few years!