Production of gaskets, die-cut and cut parts
Products primarily for the automotive, construction and electronics industries
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Electrical components

Electrical components
Looking for a proven supplier of components for electronics industry? We have years of experience with systems, which are used to seal, dampen or isolate electro-technical products.

Use of components made of foam materials in the electronics industry

We specialize in production and sale of components for the electronics industry. These components for the electronics industry are used wherever metal, glass or plastic come into contact with other materials.
They are also used in places where it is necessary to separate various components, reduce noise, seal joints or upholster moving parts.

Electronic component offer

Our sealing, dampening and insulating materials can be used in the following areas for the electronics industry:
  • Switchboxes
  • Electric wirings
  • Transformers
  • Electrical sockets, switches and handles
  • Metal and plastic boxes
Any requirements on electrical components are solved individually. For your product we can create an accurate tailored system element of technical foam. To produce components of foam materials we have been using the best and proven practices and technologies.
We are experts in production and sale of seals, dampening and insulations for the electronics industry.
Contact us, we will convince you of the quality of services that we offer.
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