Production of gaskets, die-cut and cut parts
Products primarily for the automotive, construction and electronics industries
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Components for road constructions

Road constructions
Looking for an expert in processing of technical foams? We offer you special tailored solutions in the field of road constructions.

Foam materials for road constructions

We specialize in production and sale of components made of foamed rubber or plastic foam materials (PE, PP, PUR or PVC).
We will design an individual solution tailored to your needs and requirements. We have a wide range of insulation and sealing components for the construction industry.

Solutions for road constructions

We offer you excellent consultancy and services in the following fields:
  • Joint seals for equipment of petrol stations, airports and road constructions
  • Sealing elements for noise barriers
  • Seals of concrete components for agriculture
We tailor our sealing solutions for road constructions to individual needs of our customers. We follow the latest standards and regulations in the construction industry.
When manufacturing seals and insulations of technical foam materials, we invest in modern technologies and practices. We are a leading Czech supplier of high-quality seals, cut, die-cut and flat slit components mainly made of cold PUR foam. We also provide expert consultancy in this area.
We produce components not only for construction industry but also for the automotive and electro-technical industries.
Contact us, we will submit you an attractive quotation for seals and insulations made of PUR or PE foams.
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