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Products primarily for the automotive, construction and electronics industries
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Components for interior applications

Interior applications
Are you looking for reliable and cost-effective solutions for interior constructions? We offer you first-class products, services and consultancy in the field of technical amenities of buildings.

Assortment of interior applications

We have many years of experience with systems of insulations, seals, dampening and filtering in interiors.
We deliver practical insulation hoses for inlet and outlet pipes, rational anti-noise sets, assembly lines and closing profiles for sanitary ware.
Our product range contains also highly innovative and universally applicable valve seals.
We specialize in sealing and dampening strips, which are used to isolate sound from e.g. masonry, interior stairs, etc. Our offer also contains sealing, dampening and insulation systems for technical equipment of HVAC.

Use of components for interior applications

Our insulations and seals for interior applications can be used in the following fields:
  • Insulating hoses for drinking water, sewage, heating
  • Seals for concealed faucets
  • Sound insulation for installation of front walls, constructions of registers and supply shafts
  • Anti-noise sets for installation of baths, showers, toilets and bidets
  • Insulations for hot water reservoirs and heat pumps
  • Components of acoustic covers for oil and gas burners
  • Sealing components for air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, ventilation equipment and channels
  • Insulating, dampening and filtration systems for HVAC
  • Insulation strips for framed and wooden buildings
Looking for cheap and high-quality solutions for joint seals or sound dampening? We offer much more than just sound PUR insulations for your interior.
Contact us, we will submit you an attractive quotation for components for the electronics industry.
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