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Vehicle interior components

Vehicle interior components
It eliminates any adverse environmental influences in  the car interior. High-quality components made of  technical foam provide comfort, tightness and   sound insulation of your vehicle cabin.

Components made of  foam materials

We specialize in processing of foam materials and  manufacturing of premium components for the automotive industry.
We offer you molded and formed components made of  cellular rubber, PE foam or PUR foam. These internal components made of  technical plastics for car interiors are manufactured using the latest technology.

Comfort of the car interior

Components made of special foam materials ensure high comfort of the car interior. They ensure vibration-free operation of the air conditioner, and eliminate unwanted moisture, air or squeaking. Our foam products for the car interiors also extremely reduce intrinsic noise in the cabin as well as noise from the outside or squeaking of various internal controls.
It is necessary to focus not only on the controls, but also on comfortable elements in the passenger compartment. Our formed and molded components made of technical foam material will visually improve zones around handles and armrests.
We offer you complete solutions for seals and insulations of foam materials, by which we will seal e.g. ventilation and air conditioning in your vehicle.

Solutions of foam materials for your car interior

In the field of foam materials we provide you with the following reliable and individual solutions:
  • Foam components for car doors
  • Molded and formed components for car ceiling
  • Components of technical foam materials for car cabin
  • Special components for car storage compartments, speakers, and storage areas
  • Components of foam material for gear-shift levers, handbrake levers, etc.
We will help you in adjusting your car interior with premium solutions of quality products made of cellular rubber, PE or PUR foams.
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