Production of gaskets, die-cut and cut parts
Products primarily for the automotive, construction and electronics industries
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Production of components for automotive industry

Are you looking for a reliable supplier of components for the automotive industry? Our production program consists of high-endurance products that are used to dampen, seal and insulate interiors and exteriors of vehicles.
Components for car interiors and exteriors not only provide aesthetic appearance and comfort, but also passive safety or protection from noise, moisture, air, vibration and shocks.

Car interior components

Components for interiors made of cellular rubber, PE foams or polyurethane foams provide comfort, tightness and sound insulation of the car cabin. Thanks to the use of premium materials and the latest manufacturing technologies, our components improve overall impression of the car quality.
Our components effectively eliminate adverse environmental effects such as noise, water or air from outside. These formed and molded components made of technical plastics prevent various internal controls and comfort components from squeaking or vibrations. Seals and insulations of interiors are also used for reliable sealing of ventilation and air conditioning.
We offer various components pro for gear-shift levers, handbrake levers, doors, ceilings, car cabins, storage compartments, speakers or storage areas.

Car exterior components

Pressed or cast components including elastic insulations are designed for the most exposed parts of the car body such as doors, trunk and engine room. Durable sealing, damping and isolation technologies supplied by our company, protect your vehicle against undesirable influences.
Our components for the automotive industry are used to seal engine bonnets against noise, transition of air, moisture or vibration to the car body, etc.
Are you looking for a reliable supplier of components for the automotive industry?
Contact us, we will propose a solution tailored to you.
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